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by David Smith from "David Smith"

Emerging from unpolluted water at which men could bathe

and animals drink-that

harboured fish and clams and all things natural to it

I don’t want to repeat the accepted fact,

moralize of praise the past or sell a product

I want sculpture to show the wonder of man, that flowing water,

rocks, clouds, vegetation, have for the man in peace who

glories in existence

this sculpture will not be the mystical abode

of power of wealth of religion

Its existence will be its statement

It will not be a scorned ornament on a money changer's temple

or a house of fear

It will not be a tower of elevators and plumbing with every

room rented, deductions, taxes, allowing for depreciation

amortization yielding a percentage in dividends

It will say that in peace we have time

that a man has vision, has been fed, has worked

it will not incite greed or war

That hands and minds and tools and material made a symbol

to the elevation of visionIt will not be a pyramid

to hide a royal corpse from pillage

It has no roof to be supported by burdened maidens

It has no bells to beat the heads of sinners

or clap the traps of hypocrites, no benediction

falls from its lights, no fears from its shadow

this vision cannot be of a single mind-a single concept,

it is a small tooth in the gear of man,

it was the wish incision in a cave,

the devotion of a stone hewer at Memphis

the hope of a Congo hunter

it may be a sculpture to hold in the hand

that will not seek to outdo by bulky grandeur

which to each man, one at a time, offers a marvel of

close communion, a symbol which answers to the holder's vision,

correlates the forms of woman and nature, stimulates the

recall sense of pleasurable emotion, that momentarily

rewards for the battle of being


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by David Smith from "David Smith"


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